Good Fellowship

The Fellowship Eligibility Form recently underwent a revision, with the goal of becoming more “user-friendly.”1  You may notice that the text of the form is now more concise, and eliminates both confusing repetition and the requirement of choosing from a pre-set department list.  When submitting your eligibility determination, you will need to also submit a signed Offer and Acceptance Letter, citizen’s declaration form, and a W-8BEN for Nonresident Alien (NRA) if applicable.


When deciding whether or not to submit for a fellowship, keep in mind that the Graduate School at WSU offers incentives at $1,000 to applicants!  The School of Medicine recently had two applicants for F awards receive this helpful sum.  To qualify for the incentive:

  • the external fellowship must be offered from a national or international agency or institution, with awards being determined through a competitive (i.e. peer-reviewed) process, and
  • the competitive award must be equal to or greater than the general-fund minimum stipend of a WSU graduate assistantship in the same discipline during the award year. Current year stipend minima are available at http:/
  • the applicant must not have already received the $1,000 incentive for a previous external fellowship application

For more information on the externally-funded fellowship application incentive, visit the Graduate School site.


Finally, when a fellowship is awarded, the award should be tagged in eProp to the MENTOR (and, therefore, the mentor’s department).  The administrator in the mentor’s department will be able to help facilitate correct tagging.


1 Incidentally, the Honoraria Form was also recently updated.  If you have speakers or guests visiting your department or event that will require compensation, be sure to use the new form!

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