Applied [Budget] Transfer

If you’re welcoming a new faculty member to your department, there’s a good chance that you’re welcoming a new project or two as well.  Once you have received the NIH-approved relinquishing statement from the former institution, you’ll need to put together a new budget to satisfy both SPA and the Change of Grantee Organization SF 424.  (On a related note, the NIH made some updates to the SF 424 Application Guide and released it last Friday, July 25, 2014.  Edits are noted in purple.)  When building your transfer budget, these points may be helpful:


  • Your first year budget should match the amount on the approved relinquishing statement.  Any following out years should match the awarded direct costs on the original Notice of Grant Award (NOGA).
  • While direct costs must match the NOGA, indirects are permitted to be generated based on Wayne State University’s applicable F&A rates.  This will change the overall dollar amounts awarded in each year; that’s OK.
  • Modular submission is not permitted for a transfer/change of grantee organization.  HOWEVER, if desired, an award that was submitted as modular during the proposal phase has the option during transfer to complete only the costs for the PD/PI (Section A), and include the remainder of the direct costs under Section F (Other Direct Costs) Item 8, and Section H (Indirect Costs).  Otherwise, a detailed budget should be utilized.


If you’re fortunate enough to be transferring an award to your department, we’re here to help with any questions you may have!  For further details, take a look at the text of PA-14-078.



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