Great Google-y Moogly

Despite the fact that they’ve taken away our serifs and appear to be doing some amoebic corporate thing with Alphabet, Google has a friend in us as long as they keep Google Scholar alive.


If you haven’t used Google Scholar before, take a look.  It’s a great way to search for publications of all sorts, whether they be articles, books, court opinions, theses, etc.  Additionally, Google provides metrics based on citations to indicate the level of influence of the source.  You can keep your own library, and see who is citing your (or your PI’s) work.  Google will also help you locate free text of abstracts (for those pesky non-NIH projects), and set up alerts for any new research published on customized topics of interest.  Quick tip, though: be aware that Google Scholar searches both peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed information.


If you are working with publications and haven’t tried Google Scholar, give it a whirl.  If you need help manipulating it’s features to find what you’re looking for, we can help!



Sharing is Caring…

… about the future of your research.


Still adrift on the ocean of public access?  Dr. Akers in the Shiffman Library recently put together a clarifying resource!  Check it out on their site, and take a look at her data sharing policies for researchers too (hint: this is especially important if your research involves any genomic data!).  Remember: access to your data is a very important part of your funding obligations, so make sure you understand your responsibilities.  Questions? We’re here to help, and so is Dr. Akers!