Barking Up The Right Tree

We see a lot of NIH projects coming through on parent announcements for investigator-initiated applications (PA-13-302, –303 and –304 are by far the most popular).  These are great catch-all funding opportunities, but did you know that you can search for standing announcements that fit more specifically with your area of research?  When using announcements that are more tailored to your area of expertise, you are more likely to get better study sections, and that understand your work.  While a study on body mass/asthma linkage is certainly submissible under 13-302, a quick search of the Funding Opportunities and Notices database reveals that a standing R01 opportunity exists for Obesity and Asthma.


Take a look around and see if any open opportunities fit your work. Remember, if your application is AIDS-related, your next due date is Tuesday, September 8 thanks to Labor Day!